About Mom and Pop Motels

Mom and Pop Motels is an internet directory of non-franchised, independently owned and operated hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and vacation rentals. No chains are allowed! It is an economical way for proprietors to have a national presence on the internet, and a convenient and easy way for travelers to find a cool place to stay.

For Travelers-

Why should I use Mom and Pop Motels instead of the other lodging sites?
Oh, the many reasons! First of all, Mom and Pop Motels are most likely less expensive. Go ahead, call around. If you are traveling on a budget or like to watch what you spend, a Mom and Pop will suit your needs much more comfortably. Plus, staying at Mom and Pop motels contributes directly to family-run businesses and their local economies.

But I know what I am getting when I stay at a franchised place, and donít like substandard lodging.
Come on, letís not kid ourselves. We all want a clean, nice-smelling room that is quiet and safe, maybe with a little coffee. . . wifi. . . but the place you stay has everything to do with the people who run it, and who has more incentive to have a nice place, a family who depends on good reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations or the Big Box Hotel headquarters in. . where is that? On-line reviews abound- do a little checking and you can easily surpass your expectations. And donít you think it would be fun to stay at the Irma Hotel, built by Buffalo Bill for his daughter? Or watch the sun set from the Malibu Motel, with its bamboo floors and high thread count sheets? Donít even mention Flaviaís breakfast in Mitchell, South Dakota, or Iíll be tempted to hop in my car. . .

How can I get more information on the lodging facilities listed on Mom and Pop Motels?
Call the place you are inquiring about. Google the place and see what comes up- there are nearly always comments for most places! Googleís Streetview offers great shots of the neighborhood. And please, share your experience with the owner of the hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast- they usually love feedback!

Can I make a reservation through Mom and Pop Motels?
All reservations need to be made through the individual hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental.

I have some suggestions for your website.
Great! We love suggestions. Call any time- (307) 752-9011, or send an email to info@momandpopmotels.com.

For proprietors of motels, hotels, bed & breakfasts, or vacation rentals-

Why should I list my motel, hotel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental on www.momandpopmotels.com?
  1. So you donít have to maintain your own website
  2. To compete with the "big dogs"
  3. Because it is extraordinarily economical- the cost for a year of great advertising to a huge audience in an internationally recognized forum is covered by only one or two guest rooms a year! Where else can you do that?
  4. Mom and Pop Motels is owned an operated by a small, mom-and-pop company who will do everything we can to bring you more guests!
  5. The future is bright- we at Mom and Pop Motels have a lot of plans to help you with operating, improving, and enjoying your hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental.
  6. Different folks like different places, and highlighting your place will bring you guests who seek what you have! By subscribing to Mom and Pop Motels, you can build your own listing, inviting cyclists to stay at your place because you have convenient parking right outside the door. People who are exploring a town will stay at your place because you are centrally located. Skiers might stay with you because the ski bus stops nearby. Some might stay because hey, you are the cheapest bed in town! Whatever the reason, a listing on www.momandpopmotels.com will help travelers find your hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental.
  7. It is easy! Just click on ďHotel/ Motel/ B&B ManagementĒ button and follow the steps. Have a problem? Or, do you know someone who doesnít use computers? Computer not necessary! No email? No problem! Have a listing but no pictures? We can help! Call us, and we will work with you to make your listing easy and painless, with great results. If you donít have pictures, we will figure out a way to get some. Bottom line- we want you on our site, and will do whatever we can to help. It is free to post a picture of the exterior of your hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast inn, and $200 per year for a premium listing providing a live link to your site, a description of your facility including amenities, and a second page showing specials and area attractions. Mom and Pop Motels lets you manage all of your listing and its content.

For Everybody-

Hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and vacation rentals are cool places to stay, and we need to keep them around! Using this site helps travelers find them, and helps those owners of those cool places. So cheers to traveling, and staying with the Mom and Pops!

Do you know of a motel that is no longer in business or incorrectly identified?
Please let us know! We try to keep our lodging list accurate, and truly appreciate your contributions. Contact us at 307.752.9011, or email info@momandpopmotels.com.