1. Casa Grande Ruins
    1100 Ruins Drive, Coolidge, AZ
    Four-story mud skyscraper with a giant steel umbrella above it to protect it from the elements
  2. Grand Canyon Skywalk
    Diamond Bar Road, Grand Canyon West, AZ
    U-shaped glass walkway that gives you a wild view of the Grand Canyon
  3. Meteor Crater
    Meteor Crater Road, Winslow, AZ
    Known as the world’s best preserved meteorite impact site, stretching 2.4 miles across and 550 feet deep.
  4. America’s Largest Sundial
    Sundial Circle, Carefree, AZ
    Giant 62-foot long copper-clad sundial statue
  5. Biosphere 2
    32540 S. Biosphere Road, Oracle, AZ
    Futuristic glass facility where you can learn all about our planet and other space-related topics
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