1. Solomon’s Castle
    4533 Solomon Road, Ona, FL
    Built by internationally known sculptor Howard Solomon, Solomon’s Castle is covered in printing plates and contains a tower, stained glass windows, a moat.
  2. Giant Sloth Statue
    3280 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL
    15-foot tall concrete sculpture of a Pleistocene Epoch ground sloth – located at the Miami Museum of Science
  3. Wonderworks-Upside-Down Building
    9067 International Drive, Orlando, FL
    A top Orlando attraction featuring over 100 interactive exhibits. The building depicts a large mansion that has been flipped upside down and when you enter the building, everything is upside down too!
  4. Coral Castle
    28655 S. Dixie Hwy, Miami FL
    Remains of a mysterious and unique limestone block castle, built by Edward Leedskalnin in honor of his young bride who jilted him at the altar.