A Word About Road Food. . .

“Road Food.”  Here in Wyoming, countless images of Salted Nut Rolls from convenience stores crowd my mind.  For him, it’s the large one.  For me, the smaller.  And sometimes they are fresh, sometimes not.  And they are generally well over a dollar.  Mmm, they are good, as is all the other trashy junk we eat while we drive, but you know what?  We like to try to do a little better, and let me tell you how!

First off, cheese and crackers is an all time favorite, and if you slice it and bag it before you go, you don’t have dangerous knives to worry about.  Party mix is another favorite (look at our Road Food page to find some scrumptious recipes!)  Veggies are always good, should the desire strike you- after all, isn’t eating not just for nutritional value, but an odd form of something interesting to do on a long drive?  Jerky, popcorn. . . and the fizzy water!

Economically speaking (Hello, Clark Howard!), it’s always best to bring food with you.  A weakness for the Salted Nut Roll, you say?  Buy a box before you leave!  It will save you a lot of money!  And stock up on whatever other goodies you want at your favorite grocery store before you go!

My latest love is a baggie full of Starbucks instant coffee packs and random teabags.  And when the Mom and Pop Mobile needs some fuel, there is generally free hot water available at the convenience store!

Did you read about stopping at ALL places that advertise pie?  🙂  Bon Appetite!!!

PS.  Don’t forget the box of wipes!  It’s so nice to keep things tidy.