Car Games

Help pass the time between great Mom and Pop motels with these fun car games!

License Plate Bingo
Download game board

Who Am I?
Think of someone that you and your fellow passengers all know: a family member, friend or neighbor, celebrity or maybe a fictional or historical character. Allow each person in the car to ask only “yes” or “no” questions about the identity of your secret person. Keep giving clues until someone figures out the identity of the individual you have in mind. Can also be played as 20 Questions by choosing a person, place or thing.

Alphabet Game
This game requires a watchful eye. Starting with the letter “A”, name something you see that starts with that letter, whether it is a road sign, animal or vehicle. Continue through the entire alphabet. First person to “Z” wins!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt
Download scavenger hunt list

Hey Cow!
Throughout your travels, keep your eye out for cows. When you spot a herd of cows, open the car window and yell “Heeey Co-ow!” and that player is awarded a point for every cow that turns and looks. Note: cows already looking at you don’t count. At the end of the trip, the player with the most points wins!