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The Glory of the Mom and Pop Motel

Mom and Pop motels are great, and that’s that. Mom and Pop motels are the core of America, as they truly do represent family, friends, and fun. When you stay at a Mom and Pop motel, hotel, or bed and breakfast, you are contributing to a local economy, which is a big deal! If you spend a hundred bucks (or less, of course) at the East Jordan Motel, how much of that money stays in East Jordan, Michigan? A hundred bucks! Now multiply that by 8- that’s $800 that stays in East Jordan, buys East Jordan groceries, supports East Jordan grocers, checkers, schoolteachers, girl scouts, lemonade stands, sporting goods stores- the list goes on. You spend that same $100 at some chain motel, and how much goes to the local economy? It’s limited to a little bit to the maids, a chunk to the franchise owner (who generally is far away), and a chunk to corporate headquarters. So you decide, where do you want to spend YOUR money?

More on the virtues of mom and pops next time!!

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