Why should I use Mom and Pop Motels instead of other lodging sites?

Oh, the many reasons! First of all, mom-and-pop motels are most likely less expensive than franchise hotels. Go ahead, call around. If you are traveling on a budget or like to watch what you spend, a mom and pop will suit your needs much more comfortably. Plus, staying at mom-and-pop motels contributes directly to family-run businesses and local economies.

But I know what I am getting when I stayed a franchised place, and I don’t like substandard lodging.

Come on, let’s not kid ourselves. We all want a clean, nice-smelling room that is quiet and safe, maybe with a little coffee… Wi-Fi… But the experience you have has everything to do with the people who run the property, and who has more incentive to have a nice place, a family that depends on good reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations, or the Big Box Hotel headquarters in… where is that?

Online reviews abound – do a little checking and you can easily surpass your expectations. Don’t you think it would be fun to state Irma hotel in Cody, Wyoming, built by Buffalo Bill for his daughter? Or watch the sunset from the Malibu Motel, with its bamboo floors and high-thread-count sheets? Don’t even mention Flavia’s breakfast in Mitchell South Dakota, or I’ll be tempted hop in my car…

How can I get more information on the lodging facilities listed on Mom and Pop Motels?

Call the place you are inquiring about. Google the facility and see what comes up – there are nearly always comments for most places! Google Street View offers great shots of the neighborhood. And please, share your experience with the owner of the hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast – they usually love feedback!

Can I make a reservation for through the Mom and Pop Motels website?

All reservations need to be made through the individual hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or vacation rental.

I have some suggestions for your website.

Great! We love suggestions. Contact us anytime!

Do you know of a motel that is no longer in business or is incorrectly identified on the site?

Please let us know! We try to keep our lodging list accurate and truly appreciate your contributions. Contact us with your suggestions!