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What About the Bad Ones?

What about the bad ones?  That’s always a good question.  Many non-franchised motels have fallen prey to owners who don’t do their best to care for them.  But in my humble opinion, there’s still a lot to love!

1.  Hopefully, they are cheap!  That is a beautiful thing for many occasions, and as long as they are safe (do you travel with a nice can of Bear Spray?) a nice cheap motel can fit the bill for whatever reason causes cheapness to prevail.  Let’s face it, there are lots of times in our lives when we don’t have a ton of money, and it’s nice to find a place that won’t break the bank.

2.  Are they for sale?  Dilapidated motels are a grand opportunity!  Think of what you could do with some nice garage sale furniture, some new mattresses and nice bedding, a coat of paint, and some new carpet!  FUN!!!!  We love these kind of motels!!!

3.  Negotiate!  Rates are completely negotiable!!!

4.  Review review review!  There are a lot of places online to review motels, but please make sure you point out the good as well as the bad.  They are all good for something!!  And let the owners know what you think!!!

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